The four steps of
strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing is a procurement process that connects data collection, spend analysis, market research, negotiation, and contracting. It stops short of the actual purchase and payment for goods and services.

Strategic sourcing can be customised to meet a customer’s specific needs, but its main goal is to leverage a single, integrated system to enhance profitability.

Strategic sourcing

The process can be broken down into four steps:

Strategic sourcing is an approach to supply chain management that formalises how information is gathered and used so an organisation can use its consolidated purchasing power to find the best possible values in the marketplace and align its purchasing strategy to business goals.

It requires analysis of what an organisation buys, from whom, at what price and at what volume. Strategic sourcing differs from conventional purchasing because it emphasises the initial purchase price to focus on the total cost of ownership and optimise the sourcing process through ongoing market analysis and building relationships with suppliers.

Businesses can use strategic sourcing to make their procurement processes less shortsighted and focused on price. A sourcing plan can instead allow them to develop an adaptable system that contributes to the overall value of the business long term. The process begins with analysing business needs and historical spending, outlining a strategic plan, and then conducting data collection and market analysis that guides the selection of a roster of suppliers.

Once selection and negotiations have taken place, strategic sourcing also involves continually measuring performance and improving the process. Large organisations with many suppliers generally practice strategic sourcing. Outsourcing providers for strategic sourcing exist for organisations that wish to delegate the function to a specialist.

Strategic sourcing process steps

Most commonly broken into seven steps popularised
by consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

The most obvious advantage of strategic sourcing is reduced total cost, but the benefits of rethinking the sourcing process can be far-reaching.

According to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites, the top reason for investing in a strategic sourcing suite is to transform sourcing within the organisation, at 74%. Businesses also reported increased productivity through automation (65%) and increased savings (61%) as top drivers for pursuing strategic sourcing.

The increased understanding of supplier markets can help identify potential risk factors and help businesses develop sourcing plans that mitigate them. In addition, the emphasis on continuous improvement and sustainability of the supply chain provides increased flexibility and the ability to adapt to external factors.

Longer-term, implementing strategic sourcing can facilitate strong relationships with suppliers and outsourcers, identify potential improvements, and justify changes to improve efficiency throughout supply chain processes.


Strategic sourcing

Procurement refers to the range of activities and procedures necessary for businesses to acquire products and services. While this technique involves strategic and administrative responsibilities, procurement departments often focus on the day-to-day transactions and processes involved in e-procurement, such as purchase orders, invoicing and payments.

In contrast, strategic sourcing emphasises the activities leading up to an actual purchase, including analysing business needs and the marketplace at large. While procurement generally looks for the lowest-priced option, strategic sourcing keeps the big picture in mind, employing large data sets to evaluate the value of other factors, such as optimal vendor relationships and reduced risk to the business.


Procurement refers to the range of activities and procedures necessary for businesses to acquire products and services. While this technique involves strategic and administrative responsibilities, procurement departments often focus on the day-to-day transactions and processes involved in e-procurement, such as purchase orders, invoicing and payments.

Strategic sourcing

In contrast, strategic sourcing emphasises the activities leading up to an actual purchase, including analysing business needs and the marketplace at large. While procurement generally looks for the lowest-priced option, strategic sourcing keeps the big picture in mind, employing large data sets to evaluate the value of other factors, such as optimal vendor relationships and reduced risk to the business.

Software products

Strategic sourcing software can facilitate the approach by standardising techniques involving sourcing requirements and providing a platform for collecting information about suppliers, products, markets and business needs. This software is sometimes part of larger procurement systems, procure-to-pay platforms, ERP systems or supply chain management systems.

However, products labelled "strategic sourcing application suites" are growing in popularity. These typically include functionality and have separate software modules for e-sourcing, spend analysis, contract management and supplier relationship management. Major players, according to Gartner, include Coupa, GEP, Ivalua, JAGGAER, SAP, Synertrade and Zycus. Their products are delivered primarily via multitenant SaaS, but some offer on-premises or private cloud versions, as well.

Vendors are integrating advanced analytics and AI to make the sourcing process more effective. These capabilities can make recommendations based on past performance and current metrics and offer predictive models based on market conditions, time of year and geopolitical factors. Blockchain integration into the supply chain also increases visibility and accuracy in some cases.

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    Building trust in blockchains

    Chainalysis provides data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries. This data platform powers investigation, compliance, and risk management tools to solve some of the world’s most high-profile cybercriminal cases and safely grow consumer access to cryptocurrency.

    Compliance software to monitor transactions in real-time:
    • Intuitive dashboard
    • Actionable alerts 
    • Real-time updates 
    • Case management
    • User profile view
    • Transfer-level data
    • Granular data via API
    • Customisable parameters

    Chainalysis products:

    Chainalysis Business Data provides an additional layer of customer intelligence to cryptocurrency businesses, helping them to understand customers better, tailor product offerings, and identify new revenue streams.

    Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) combines industry-leading blockchain intelligence, an easy-to-use interface, and a real-time API. It helps organisations reduce manual workflows, stay compliant with local and global regulations, and safely interact with emerging technologies such as DeFi.

    Navigate the cryptocurrency landscape and vet new opportunities. Chainalysis Kryptos provides in depth on-chain metrics of cryptocurrency businesses based on the industry’s most trusted blockchain data.

    Chainalysis Market Intel leverages the transparency of the blockchain to provide real-world data and the unique insights needed to conduct cryptocurrency research and make investment decisions.

    Explore. Investigate. Take Action. Reactor is the investigation software that connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities. Examine criminal activity, such as the movement of stolen funds and legitimate activity like flash loans and NFT transfers.

    Supercharge your investigations

    Chainalysis’ professional services team conducts in-depth cryptocurrency analysis and investigations to deliver customized reporting and case response to clients across financial institutions, cryptocurrency businesses, government agencies, and other verticals.

    The team has the expertise and data access to deliver exceptional analysis supporting a range of investigation scenarios, including exchange hacks, ransomware attacks, complex money laundering techniques, and more.

    Complete Identity Verification and KYC platform

    KYC requirements are unique to each business. Veriff’s tools customise the verification flow for business— optimising for the identity checks, supported regions, and documents required to keep business compliant and secure— all while fighting fraud and stopping bad actors. Then deploy with a single integration.

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    Deploy Veriff’s full-stack AML and KYC solution for PEP and sanctions checks, adverse media screening, and ongoing monitoring on top of rigorous document verification. Veriff connects to thousands of databases and watchlists that are updated in real-time.

    Use faces for authentication and verification

    Whether a user is trying to log in, recover account access, or make a significant transaction, leverage facial biometric technology for identity access management and authentication to keep user accounts safe.

    Build trust online by fighting identity fraud

    Bad actors and fraudsters adapt at an exponential rate. What stops them today may not stop them tomorrow. Veriff and its exceptional fraud team work around the clock to stay ahead of fraudsters. We continue to invest in innovation to have leading identity fraud prevention technology.

    • Stop known bad actors.

    Act on collected behavioural information to flag or block individuals with device and network fingerprinting.

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    Velocity abuse technology identifies recurring attempts to verify identity and create new accounts, whether different people with the same device and network or the same person with fake IDs.

    • Analyse fraud patterns.

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    • Mobility

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    Stripe Radar provides real-time fraud protection and requires no additional development time. Fraud professionals can add Radar for Fraud Teams to customise protection and get deeper insights.

    Use ML that works.

    Radar helps detect and block fraud for any type of business using machine learning that trains on data across millions of global companies. It’s built into Stripe and requires no additional setup to get started.

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    Old ways of combating fraud were never designed for modern internet businesses and can lead to lower acceptance rates and lost revenue. Radar can help you distinguish fraudsters from customers and apply Dynamic 3D Secure to high-risk payments.

    Get protection that adapts to you.

    The machine learning infrastructure lets retrain models—including ones customised for your business—every day. Radar’s algorithms adapt quickly to shifting fraud patterns and your unique business.

    Smarter fraud protection with machine learning

    Effective systems should identify fraud without blocking legitimate payments. Read a primer on how machine learning can produce predictive fraud models from large data sets.

    Frictionless authentication with 3d secure

    Additional authentication can help separate customers from fraudsters. Please read the guide on how the new version of 3D Secure can reduce fraud without compromising user experience.

    Trained with hundreds of billions of data points.

    Stripe processes payments from 195 countries for every industry, company size, and business model. Even if a card is new to your business, there’s an 89% chance it’s been seen before on the Stripe network.

    Strength in numbers.

    By learning from millions of global businesses processing billions in payments each year, Radar can assign risk scores to every payment and automatically block many high-risk payments.

    Better ML outcomes with Stripe-scale data.

    Radar scans every payment using thousands of signals from across the Stripe network to help detect and prevent fraud—even before it hits your business.

    Better accuracy than third-party tools.

    Radar ingests data from every layer of the financial stack and integrates data from checkout flows, rich payments data, and info from card networks and banks to assess fraud risk.

    Data from financial partners.

    Stripe’s partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and leading banks let use data like TC40s, SAFE reports, and early dispute notifications to help identify fraudulent charges before they’re disputed.

    Data from payments.

    Radar is fully integrated with the rest of Stripe, so systems can instantly use rich payment information like customer details, shipping and billing addresses, and other properties to improve machine learning performance.

    Data from checkout flows.

    Stripe’s checkout tools automatically incorporate certain buyer patterns from your website and mobile app to help detect abnormal payments. Radar uses these signals to map a comprehensive customer path that is highly predictive of fraud.

    Sophisticated signals engineered for impact.

    Radar is built for global internet businesses facing evolving fraud threats. It constantly tweaks algorithms, tests which attributes are most relevant and generates compound signals to help precisely identify and block fraud.

    Device fingerprints.

    Tie multiple signals into a single device profile.

    Historical snapshots.

    Spot recurring patterns across years of historical data.

    Proxy detection.

    Identify IP spoofing and proxy usage.

    Thousands more.

    Radar scores every transaction by combining multiple signals to help determine whether a payment is fraudulent.

    Radar for Fraud Teams.

    Powerful tools to support fraud-fighting professionals.

    Optimised customised reviews.

    Surface the most relevant data for more efficient and accurate manual reviews.

    Robust insights.

    See rich analytics on fraud performance and dispute rates.

    Custom rules.

    Set precise rules to flag, block, or dynamically apply 3D Secure to certain transactions.

    Block and allow lists.

    Sync existing lists of trusted or blocked users.

    Simple, transparent pricing.
    Radar’s machine learning.

    Fraud protection is powered by billions of data points across the Stripe network. Stripe’s SCA logic is built-in, helping maximise exemptions and protect your conversion rates.

    Dow Jones powers businesses, governments and financial institutions with award-winning journalism, in-depth content archiving and indexing, robust data sets, and flexible information tools. Whether you want to uncover market advantage, integrate data into the workflow or manage risk, Dow Jones has a portfolio of solutions to meet your information needs.

    At Dow Jones, consider that high-quality, well-maintained data is the lifeblood of effective screening engines and that the right combination of information and technology can deliver an efficient compliance program that doesn’t cut corners.

    Built on the legacy of the world’s most trusted newsrooms, including The Wall Street Journal, the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance division combines the expertise of a multilingual team of 450 researchers and analysts with industry-leading automation and artificial intelligence tools.

    Dow Jones delivers reliable, actionable information and applications explicitly developed for compliance requirements and workflows related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption, and international trade compliance.

    Risk & Compliance Solutions

    Financial Crime Compliance

    Conduct comprehensive due diligence on your customers and connected parties as part of a robust Know Your Customer (KYC) program, with tools for:

    Customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence
    • Beneficial ownership
    • Politically exposed persons (PEPs)
    • Sanctions
    • Adverse media coverage
    • Source of wealth
    • Specialist lists
    • Customized investigative research
    Ongoing monitoring of customers
    • Politically exposed persons (PEPs)
    • Sanctions
    • Adverse media coverage
    • Event-driven investigative research

    Third-Party Risk Management

    Verify the integrity of your supply chain and business partners by assessing risks, such as bribery, corruption and dealings with sanctioned parties. Explore solutions for:

    End-to-end third-party onboarding and ongoing monitoring

    Integrity checks and due diligence:

    • Beneficial ownership
    • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
    • Sanctions
    • Adverse media coverage
    • Other high-risk factors

    Sanctions Compliance

    Even as international and national regimes shift rapidly, keep pace with sanctions developments and requirements. Dow Jones provide consolidated, timely sanctions screening solutions for:

    • One-off and ongoing automated batch screening against global sanctions lists
    • Filterable lists and specialist watchlists for customised screening
    • Flexible parameters to enable effective management of screening results and alerts

    Trade Compliance

    Increasingly, criminals use international trade to move illicit funds and goods across jurisdictions and exchange goods with sanctioned parties. Identify red flags with  tools to:

    • Complete transaction-specific due diligence
    • Screen for sanctioned counterparties, locations, and vessels
    • Complete dual-use goods checks
    • Track the movement of goods and vessels in real-time

    World-Check is a database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and heightened risk individuals and organisations used around the world to help to identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

    The world’s trusted and accurate Risk Intelligence source uses intensive research conducted by hundreds of qualified analysts using credible sources of information delivered to your business via partners and platforms. Used by law enforcement agencies, regulators, banks and corporations globally, regionally and locally, World-Check Risk Intelligence supports your Know Your Customer and Third-Party Risk compliance processes, helping you meet your regulatory obligations, make informed decisions, and help prevent your business from inadvertently being used to launder the proceeds of crime or association with corrupt business practices.

    WorldCheck will benefit you by allowing you to better:
    • Understand who your customers are
    • Understand the nature of hidden threats
    • Reveal links to associated individuals and entities
    • Highlight cases that require further scrutiny
    Coverage includes:
    • Politically exposed persons (PEP), close associates, and family members.
    • State-owned entities and state-invested enterprises.
    • Global sanctions lists.
    • Narrative sanctions (sanctions ownership information).
    • Global regulatory and law enforcement lists.
    • Adverse media.
    • Iran economic interest (IEI).
    • UBO.
    • Sanctioned securities.
    • Vessels information.
    Additional specific data sets available include:
    • Marijuana-related business.
    • Sanction Sets for payment screening.
    • US SAM.

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